Amethyst Meaning
Amethyst Meaning

About Amethyst
Amethyst is another kind of crystal that contains a chemical substance. It is considered silica that features a 7 mohs level of firmness. The usual color of Amethysts is light to dark violet. Sometimes, however, Amethyst can also be shaded green, which people rarely see. Amethysts that are often discovered are red-colored. Translucent Amethysts give emphasis to the white-colored lines seen on the surface. These lines appear in a V shape, which explains why some stones of this kind are called “Chevron Amethyst.”

Up to now, people still wonder about the Amethyst’s original source of color. Earlier studies showed that the stone’s shades indicate the presence of manganese. Experts believed that the substance came from an organic and natural source. Today, it is assumed that the source of Amethyst’s shade is developed due to the iron toxins and aluminum contained in the stone. 

High temperatures can change the color of this stone from purple to orange. Several people worldwide who have tried color alterations have come up with unique shaded gemstones such as the green Amethyst.  One of the amazing things discovered with this stone is the extraction of all n-natural citrine, an extremely unusual gemstone these days, from Amethyst’s organic mineral storage.

A huge deposit of Amethysts can be found close to the area between South America and Bolivia. The place shows a jungle with a lot of thick woodlands. It has been said that this kind of environment is the most suitable for Amethyst. 

Gemstone for Spirituality
Amethyst features some healing attributes. It can make people calm and retain their purity. It also encourages positive transformation from being reactive to proactive. The Amethyst can keep the brain and also the entire human body functioning well . Its healing capacity targets more issues apart from the ones mentioned. 

This gemstone has a calming quality that promotes serenity and stillness.  It has a special aroma that is good for the spirit. Additionally, it can significantly enhance one’s intellectual skills and sharpens one’s concentration. This gemstone is a good tool in alleviating mental stress, anxiety and trouble. It is a powerful stone that can help someone to transform from being pessimistic to optimistic.

Amethyst carries a sharp quality of every type of revolution development, fatality as well as reincarnation. It takes away pressure, grief, misery, and heartbreaking depression. It improves ineffective communication. It’s the perfect gemstone for people, who desire to give up their addicting habits of drinking alcohol, using drugs and smoking cigarettes.

Uses of Amethyst
Amethyst can be used in many different ways. One can place the gemstone under the pillow to get a sound sleep. It features a strong aura that relieves headache and takes away sleeping problems. A ring that has an Amethyst on it can be worn as a protection against any kind of fear. Necklaces too, with Amethyst, can be used to gain wisdom. Additionally, health problems affecting the important systems in the body such as the respiratory and circulatory can also be minimized with the Amethyst gemstone. 

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